Successful UDO British Street dance Championships.

All our teams had an amazing weekend in Pontins, Brean Sands March the 7/8/9th. It was the British Street Dance Championships and we kicked off the Friday night with our Parents team placing 1st!!!!! Yes 1st in Britain against about 13 other teams. We were so happy, but in all fairness they all worked extremely hard. Well deserved I say.

The next day saw the solo’s and duo’s with a 7th for Rose Pierce and 3rd for Poppy Hourighan in Under 8’s beginners and a 1st for Lottie Stephens in Under 8’s Novice. Duo’s saw 3 1sts from Ellie Pearson and Maddie O’Connor in Under 8’s beginner, Shakila and Shakiba Ghessary in Under 10’s Novice, 2nd for Cara Baraclough and Brooke Hallett in Under 12’s beginner and Lottie Stephens and Gracie Jones in under 8’s Intermediate.

The next day saw our teams and Quads compete. Short Stuff placed 5th which considering there was only 5 of them was amazing as they were up against lots of good teams (very proud). XOXO placed 3rd, both teams in Under 10’s. Pure Damage placed 4th in Under 14’s Novice and Nova placed 5th in Under 18’s Intermediate. Amazing!! Then onto quads which saw Elisha, Cam, Olivia and Rachael placed 4th in Under 18’s, Amy, Kirsty, Hannah and Phoebe placed 2nd in Over 18’s and Lottie, Lowri, Aaliyah and Gracie placed 1st in Under 10’s.

Overall a very enjoyable  and successful weekend xxx


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